Also Known As

Patient Zero

Gender Male
Status Alive
Age 16
Branch of Sin Branch of Sin: Jūshin Shinjū
Occupation Complete Forgery
Family Shiro (Mother)

Deadman Wonderland (Former)


First Appearance
Manga debut Chapter 1
Anime debut Episode 1
Japanese Allen
English Allen

Ayrin (シロ, Ayrin) is the son of Shiro  who was born with abilities that his mother had gotten from Hagire experimenting on her in order to heighten a person's immune system.

The experimentation done to Shiro unintentionally caused Ayrin to be given his powers. Ayrin follows in his mother's footsteps to stop the Deadman Wonderland project once and for all and will try to with his newfound power.


Ayrin, like his mother, is considered to be a childlike individual who has two different personalities that affect him. Though, in battle, he happens to be quite ruthless and dangerous when in battle, Ayrin can also be calm and strategic. Ayrin had a habit of understanding his opponents before outright attacking and at most times, he wouldn't care and he'd just try to kill them. 


Branch of Sin: Ayrin is a Forgery, so he can use the Branch of Sin to freely control his blood outside his body.

Enhanced Strength: In his psycho state, Ayrin unlocks brutal physical strength. He is capable of tearing organs and human bodies apart. Ayrin can easily knock down a man twice his size without any problem and can leave dents in steel doors with barely any harm done to his hands.

Branch of Sin: Jūshin Shinjū (獣心心中, Beast Heart Double Suicide): Jūshin Shinjū forms 12-inch claws over each of his fingers using his blood and his poison. It has the power to control the victim's five senses.

Hōyō no Tsume (抱擁の爪, Claws Embrace): Ayrin paralyzes a person's limbs with his poison as they come into contact with his claws.
Sakanade no Kiba (逆撫の牙, Counter Stroke Fang): He manages to slash at a person's body parts and make them feel what he desires through power of suggestion. He can issue orders such as "being hit with by a truck" or "iron maiden", making the victim suffer pain similar to the mentioned effects.
Shūen no Ago (
終焉の顎, Jaws of Demise): Ayrin gathers blood around his arm to form the shape of a lion's head, however, he was defeated before he could unleash its full potential.


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Psycho Ayrin